Ambrosia Croft is a powerful dark witch, who is the leader of the witches and warlocks, and the mother of Noah Croft. She is the antagonist of first novel of the Nephilim series.

Personality Edit

Ambrosia proved to be extremely sadistic and ruthless, prideful and self-centered. Vanessa did not have no care for others at all and showed no compassion or pity. She slaughtered an entire house of children and adults just so she could complete a ritual. She heartlessly cut Tim's throat without hesitation, and enjoyed torturing Elijah. She also proved to be arrogant on many occasions, and as such she on one occasion explained that she was "more powerful than anyone could understand".

Powers and Abilities Edit

Ambrosia is a powerful witch, possessing abilities above the average witch.

Spell Casting:  Ambrosia has a great knowledge of many types of spells.

Spell creation - Ambrosia created a lot of commendable spells, most famously the Eternity spell.

Immortality - Ambrosia achieved immortality after casting the eternity spell, giving her an infinite lifespan. She lived for more than a thousand years. 

Divination:  Ambrosia can look into the future. 

Clairvoyance: Ambrosia can track the location of others just by physical contact to a item of there's. 

Empathy: Ambrosia can identify the emotional feelings of a another person.

Summoning - Using magic, Ambrosia summoned the Archangel Gabriel to her location. 

Psychometry: With a touch of a person or a object, Ambrosia can see events of it's past. Ambrosia used this power to discover who killed the witches sent to capture Tim Sullivan. 

Weaknesses  Edit

Ambrosia possesses the same weaknesses as an ordinary witch.

Mortality - Despite being a powerful being, Ambrosia is still human, and as such, can die the same way a human could. This includes cancer, hunger, heart-failure, suffocation, snapped neck, etc.

Overextertion - As with any other witch, over using magic can lead her to receive nose bleeds, become unconscious or even worse, death.

Fear - As with any other witch, fear can nullify her magical abilities.