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Archangel Michael defeats Lucifer, also an Archangel, in the war of heaven.

Archangels are the oldest and most powerful type of angel, created by God. They were the first Angels to be created, making them God's first creations. The three known archangels are Michael, Lucifer and Gabriel.

History Edit

Before the universe, life or time itself, God created his first ever creation, Archangels. He named them his first sons, there were three of them, Michael, Lucifer and Gabriel. Michael was God's most trusted and loyal son, Lucifer was God's most beautiful and most loved son and Gabriel was God's most kind and compassionate son. After God finished creating the angels, the Archangel's younger brethren, the Archangels we're tasked with commanding, teaching and leading the angels. God became extremely close with Lucifer, and shared a profound bond more than any other angel. Some time later, God created the earth, and asked his sons to serve as well protect humanity.