Azrael is the angel of death who serves God as the messenger of souls, either to heaven or hell.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Azrael is a unique type of angel, and as such, possesses different powers and abilities to other angels. In despite of this, he still is as powerful as a angel of ordinary rank. The following below are the abilities that he has showed in the series.

Enhanced Teleportation: Azrael is able to teleport to several other locations in the universe at once. He possesses the most powerful version of teleportation, with the exception of God, who is omnipresent. He uses the ability to perform his duty of angel of death to dying beings across the universe.

Necrokinesis: Azrael has the ability to instantly kill humans through physical contact. He uses this continuously for his duty as the angel of death.

Soul transport: Azrael transports the souls of the recently deceased to heaven or hell.