Daniel is a fallen angel. A soldier of heaven who served the heavenly host, Daniel was ordered by God to kill his brother Elijah, but instead helped Elijah conceal himself from heaven and protect his son Tim.

History Edit

Personality Edit

Daniel is shows to be sarcastic, promiscuous and is self-indulgent. He loves living the high-life, including partying, womanizing and other of life's pleasures.

Although he does not show it, Daniel is incredibly loyal and selfless. He was willing to sacrifice his oath as an angel to protect Elijah and save his son Tim, therefore sentencing himself with the penalty of death for his treason. He loves his brother Elijah and did what it took to help Elijah's son from being killed by angels and captured by witches.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Being a Grigori, Daniel possessed amazing angelic power, being powerful enough to overpower and defeat other angels.