Darren Drake is a powerful dark warlock, bounty hunter and assassin for both the supernatural world and criminal organizations. He is a antagonist in the novel the Nephilim.

Early Life Edit

Centuries ago, Darren Drake was a orphan who grew up in a orphanage, never knowing his parents. Darren ran away from the Orphanage, and eventually discovered he had magical abilities, most likely coming from his parents. Developing his abilities, he became a greatly feared assassin in the supernatural world.

Personality Edit

Darren is a cold-blooded killer and sociopath with no respect, care or regard for human life. When he given a job, he will do nothing until he finishes the job, killing people who gets in his way of completing the task.

Powers and Abilities Edit


  • Telekinesis: Darren is able to move objects with his mind, with of great effect.
  • Energy manipulation: Darren can harness the magical energy around him,
  • Force-field manipulation: Darren can shield himself from attacks, by projecting a protective field of energy surrounding his body.
  • Memory manipulation: Darren displayed the ability to look into people's memories, as shown when we used this ability on a man to see if he saw Tim Sullivan.
  • Immortality: Darren has existed for centuries, using dark magic to extend his lifespan.
  • Healing: Darren healed his injuries sustained in a fight against Elijah.