First Blood is the first novel of the First Blood series.

Characters Edit

Theodore "Theo" Quinn: A journalist for the New york times who after being fired from his job, decides to move back to his home town. Following the series of mysterious animal attacks, Theo begins to investigate.

Vladimir Dracula: A 1000 year-old vampire and the emperor of the vampire race, who is revealed to be Theo's uncle. Vladimir helps Theo control his strong desire to feed on human blood, and introduces his new life as a vampire.

Sam Rodgers: An FBI Agent, and childhood next-door neighbor and friend of Theo. He is the lead investigator of the animals attacks killing humans.

Kylie Dawson: A childhood friend of Theo of whom he begins to hang out with after returning home.

Ava: 900 year-old vampire who is one of the members of the vampire union, revealed to be Vladimir's maker and the first human he ever turned. She is fiercely loyal and devoted to Vladimir, and also loves him.

Plot Edit

Theodore "Theo" Quinn is 23 year-old renowned journalist for the New York Times. Showing up to work, Theo is fired by his boss due to his constant attempts for Theo to stop writing about a paranormal theories and to write stories based on truth. Returning to his apartment, Theo is shocked and does not what to do with his life, and eventually decides to return back to his home town. There, he reunites with his mother