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Castiel heals the severe wounds done to Sam's face.

Healing is the ability to heal and cure wounds, injuries and/or diseases. Angels, Archangels and God only possess this ability.

Angels: Angels are extremely powerful healers, as they can heal injuries such as broken bones, three-degree burns, gunshots, stab wounds, slash wounds and other serious injuries. Angels can cure diseases, illnesses and toxins, such as lung cancer. They are also able to heal emotional and psychological pain such as depression, anxiety or schizophrenia. They are commanded by God sometimes to perform miracles on humans, by healing the sick or the mortally injured. They only do this sometimes and not often because the natural order has to have balance to what lives and what dies. Angels can only heal humans but cannot heal their own kind.

Archangels: Archangels like their young siblings, Angels, can heal and cure others of any injury, disease or illness, but to a greater degree. Unlike angels, they don't require touching the target to heal them, as they can heal many beings at once just by simply willing it. Also unlike angels, they can not only heal humans but can also heal their own kind as well, and possibly other beings.

God: God is the most powerful user of this ability, as he can easily heal any living thing he wishes. Even his presence gives life, when he appeared in a field, flowers, plants and trees were risen from the ground.