Jedediah was a fallen angel, formerly serving Heaven as a healer.

History Edit

Jedediah like any other angel, was created by God a time before the creation of humanity. He was given the angelic duty of a healer, we're he would heal, cure and tend to the injuries of angels in the battlefield and perform miracles on humans when ordered by his superiors. A close friend of Elijah, Jedediah rebelled heaven to help Elijah and for his yearn for free will and to live on earth.

The Nephilim Edit

Now living the life of a physician on earth to help save human lives, Jedediah is confronted by Elijah to ask for a favour.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As an angel, Jedediah is a very powerful entity. He possesses all the abilities of a angel of an ordinary rank. The following abilities below are the abilities he showed in the novel.

Superhuman strength: Although jedediah did not like to fight, he possessed great physical strength. As such, he launched an angel across the room with a single punch.

Teleportation: Jedediah teleported from a hospital to the Las Vegas Casino in a instant.

Healing: Jedediah is an extremely powerful healer, even more powerful than other angels. living on earth, he healed and saved countless humans.