John Turner

John "Jonathan" Turner is a Paranormal investigator and the Main protagonist in the Occultist series.

Early Life Edit

John Turner was the only son of Bruce Turner, wealthy owner of the Turner Estate, and Danielle, a part-time fortune-teller. One night, a spiritual entity murdered Bruce and Danielle in their beds, with John merely surviving with his life. He regrettably was convicted of murder of his parents with him in defense saying that his parents were killed by a ghost. In his 15 years in prison, he became extremely vindictive and was fixated on the occult. In those 15 years, he trained himself physically, as well as mentally in the occult.

Personality Edit

Psychologically traumatized from his parent's deaths, John has become vindictive and has a vendetta against the supernatural and other forces of darkness. He possesses hatred for the occult, and believes whatever isn't human, does not belong in a human world.

John lives a solitary life, dedicating all of his time to investigating and hunting the paranormal. This is generally the case because he does not want anyone he gets close to be in danger. In addition, John avoids emotional intimacy, preferring to engage with women only as sexual partners. John is also very sarcastic, providing comic relief to the series.

Physical Appearance Edit

Described to be "Tall, dark and handsome" John has short jet black hair, dark eyes, light olive skin and a solid jaw line. He physically appears to be in his mid to late twenties.

His style consists of darker clothing; black shirts, leather and thick jackets, boots underneath, darkened jeans and black trousers.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Born to a mother who was psychic, John psychic abilities developed when he became a paranormal investigator.

Clairvoyance: John is clairvoyant, meaning he has the psychic ability to receive direct visual information of death from a supernatural origin. During these visions, he is given extreme headaches and receives immense pain to the head.

Precognition: Rarely john can see death from a supernatural being before it happens. This is generally believed to happen when John has a connection to the person who is going to die.

Occult Knowledge: John has a vast knowledge of the occult. For 15 years, he educated himself with the supernatural.

Exorcism: John can expel evil spirits of a ghostly or demonic origin out of their hosts.

Skilled Fighter: John is a highly proficient fighter, having developed his skills in his time in prison.