Matt Graham

Matt Graham is a Cambion, Cousin of Tim Sullivan and destined to be the Anti-Christ.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Matt Graham was born after Susan Sullivan fell pregnant with boyfriend Daniel Miller. Miller was a satanist, on lucifer's orders was to have sex with Susan with Satan's blood in his bloodstream as the intent in turning the born Matthew Graham into the Anti-Christ. Like Mary Sullivan's death of the birth of a Tim as a Nephilim, Susan died from giving birth but Daniel made efforts to save Matt. As a result, Matt grew up in a Orphanage.

Bale Edit

In the third novel, Matt accidently causes destruction in his hometown but is stopped by Tim, who resists in killing in him, seeing his younger self in Matt. After stunning Matt, Tim restores the destruction of the town to what it was before and then transports Matt to heaven. Tim is warned by the angels that he is dangerous and could be a massive threat to mankind and therefore should be killed because of his demon/human heritage. Despite this, Tim pleads with the angels of heaven to trust in his judgment that Matt has goodness in him and has potential to be a hero and protector of humanity. Tim goes to God to ask what he should do, and God

Powers and Abilities Edit

Untriggered abilities Edit

Superhuman strength: Even while not at full power, Matt still possesses a great level of physical strength. He is physically stronger than humans and could easily overpower them. Despite this, his strength does not quite level that of an Angel, as seen when Tim was able to casually overpower him.

Superhuman stamina: Matt barely gets hungry, thirsty or tired. Despite this, his human side does require sustainment through food, water and sleep.

Pyrokinesis: Matt is able create and manipulate fire. His pyrokinetic abilities we're initially harnessed through his emotions, without actual control over it, but after some training, Matt could create and manipulate fire at will.

Longevity: Matt's satanic blood in his veins makes him aged dramatically slower than human beings.

Healing factor: Matt is able to heal from most injuries that a human cannot, such as gunshots, stab wounds, and burns.