Michael Birch is a superhuman.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Telepathy: Birch is a powerful telepath, first possessing the simple ability to hear the thoughts of others, but developing a variety of mental abilities overtime.

  • Mind reading: Birch can read the minds of others.
  • Mind control: Birch can manipulate the thought processes of others, commanding people to do what he wishes to his will.
  • Memory manipulation: Birch has complete access to the memories of anyone he wants. He can read and view people's memories, even forgotten ones, erase people's memories (creating amnesia), implant false memories, etc.
  • Dream manipulation: Birch can enter and control people's dreams. Furthermore, he can manipulate the dream to his will.
  • Illusion manipulation: Birch can create powerful illusions. This includes a person to see something that is not truly present or casting a "pain illusion" enabling the belief that an individual is in physical pain.