A Nephilim is a hybrid being who is the offspring of a angel and a human. The species is now extinct due to the fact that Tim Sullivan was the only Nephilim in existence and was killed but resurrected as an Angel by God.

Overview Edit

The creation of Nephilim is forbidden in heaven, and the punishment for such a crime is death for the angel. The existence of Nephilim is perilous, as a Nephilim's blood can be used to open the gates of hell, potentially freeing Lucifer and his army of demons.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Superhuman strength: A Nephilim is physically stronger than a human.

Superhuman staminaNephilim do not get hungry, tired and thirsty easily, due to not being completely human. In addition, They can withstand the need of food, water and sleep for a period of days. 

Superhuman senses: Nephilim have superhumanly acute senses. They can clearly hear whispered conversations, see objects from afar and smell things better than a human could.  

Healing factor: Nephilim can heal and recover from injuries quicker than humans. Furthermore injuries such as cuts, bruises and broken bones are healed at a faster rate. They can even recover from second and third-degree burns within a day or so. from In despite of this, they cannot heal at the same rate from more fatal wounds such as bullet and stab wounds.  

Sickness immunity: Nephilim are completely immune to being sick, as shown with Tim Sullivan, who never received a cold or the flu in his life.  

Nephilim blood: There blood is shown to be quite powerful, as it provides healing properties to humans and is only ingredient that can unlock the gates of hell.

Longevity: Nephilim possess a longer lifespan than human beings because of their angelic hybrid blood, that powers their biology to last longer. Elijah predicted that Tim would live to two or three centuries.

Supernatural awareness: Nephilim can sense the presence of a supernatural being in it's area.

Weaknesses Edit

Mortality: Nephilim can be killed in the same way a human could. As when Ambrosia stabbed Tim and he bled to death.

Magic: Nephilim are susceptible to the influences of magic.

Higher beings: Nephilim can be defeated, overpowered and killed by superior beings, such as Angels.

Known Nephilim Edit

Tim Sullivan (Formerly): Tim Sullivan was born a Nephilim, after angel Elijah had sexual intercourse with a human Mary Sullivan, which resulted in Tim being born a Nephilim, an angel/human offspring. The Nephilim species became extinct after he was killed by Ambrosia Croft.