Noah Croft is a sorcerer, son of witch Ambrosia Croft, friend and confidant of Angel Tim Sullivan and a protagonist in the Nephilim series. Noah is a unique type of sorcerer, being a telepathic sorcerer, possessing powerful mental abilities.

Physical Appearance Edit

Noah is a dark blonde short-haired male standing at 5'10 with a skinny build. Noah also has green eyes and has a spiky hairstyle, with his hair being spiked up at the front.

His attire varies, but he normally wears dark coloured t-shirts, including in colours of black, grey and dark blue. He never seen to have worn anything other than black jeans and his skater shoes.

Personality Edit

Despite living a dark childhood, Noah's most well-known trait of his personality is his love of humanity. Despite others of his kind the witches and sorcerers who are cold-hearted and sadistic, Noah's unfailing compassion made him choose to defy his purpose as a follower of lucifer and use his magical abilities for the good of mankind.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Magic Edit

Pyrokinesis: Noah is able to conjure and control fire to a exceptionally high degree, without using any spells. He could light a candle with a simple thought, create fireballs and blast enormous waves of fire at his enemies with a 100-yard radius of him.

Telepathy: Noah is able to read the thoughts and/or minds of others. He can hear people's thoughts from a considerable distance.

Illusion casting: Noah can create illusions, causing targets to see, hear, touch, smell and/or taste things which do not actually exist or cause them to perceive things differently from what they truly are.

Mind control: Noah can control the minds of humans and some beings, depending on their mental state. He does this by implanting thoughts and emotions into the minds of others, leading to manipulation of the mind. Furthermore he is able to make a person do anything he desires, even commit suicide.

Spell-casting: Noah is well-educated and knowledgeable in spells, thanks to his witch mother Ambrosia's years of teachings.

Transmutation: Noah can transform, alter or transmute objects into anything else, only limited to his imagination.

Summoning: Noah is able to summon others, from ordinary humans to powerful entities.

Mediumship: Noah is able to communicate with the deceased, summoning them from the afterlife.

Weaknesses Edit

Mortality: Noah is human, and as such, can die the same way a human could. This includes cancer, hunger, heart-failure, suffocation, snapped neck, etc.

Overextertion: Overuse of magic can lead him to receive nose bleeds, become unconscious or even worse, death.

Fear: As with any other witch, fear can nullify his magical abilities.