Oliver May is a Phoenix, the adopter brother of Olivia May and Ally and later friend of Arthur Quinn. It was revealed, that Oliver was born in the realm of Olympus as a Phoenix, and took the form of a human once he was sent to earth as a child. He was found by the May Werewolf family, and was raised from that moment on.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Superhuman strength: Oliver possesses a phenomenal level of strength, making him much stronger than humans. He could deliver blows that would send his opponents flying, and his strength has even showed that he could potentially rival Arthur and Vladimir's strength.


  • Flight:
  • Phoenix form:

Invulnerability: Oliver is impervious to most forms of harm and damage. Like vampires, he is unaffected by bullets, blades, toxins, poisons and explosions, but unlike vampires, does not have a known weakness.

Immortality: As a Phoenix, Oliver is immortal, enabling him not to age and be immune to earthly diseases, sicknesses and illnesses.

Healing: Oliver can heal and cure others of any injury, disease or sickness.