Olivia Cox is a powerful psychic, friend, confidant and later girlfriend of Tim Sullivan and the deuteragonist of the Nephilim series.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Olivia was born with a psychic abilities but as a result, the extent of her powers took a toll on her vision and forced her sight to be impaired. She grew up having to control her abilities, and keep her self a secret.

Fall from Grace Edit

After humans souls had been taken and no souls had been delivered to the afterlife in months, Tim teleports to Olivia's apartment and asks if she could help locate the entity, in which she accepts.

Personality Edit

Olivia is a friendly, kind-hearted, empathic, jocular young woman.

Physical appearance Edit

Olivia is a beautiful young woman who stands at 5 '7, with dark, medium length wavy blonde hair. Her eyes are also grey, due to her blindness. She mainly wears glasses due to her visual impairment.

Her clothing varied, from wearing T-shirts and jeans, to wearing dresses, as well as jackets on top.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Telepathy: Olivia is able to read the thoughts from the minds of others. Her ability is really powerful, as she can not only read minds of humans, but even angels, as shown when she used her telepathy on Tim. She can use this ability from a great distance, but the limit is currently unknown.

  • Clairvoyance: Olivia can gain a direct visual information of the location of a person, through physical contact of the persons DNA or something that belonged to them.

Supernatural perception: Olivia can feel the presence of supernatural beings, and although she cannot see normal things due to her visual impairment, she can actually see through her visions darkness and view supernatural entities. As a result, she is able to see the true forms of angels and demons.

Magic: Olivia is very knowledgable of witchcraft and is proficient of many aspects of magic, this includes necromancy, blood magic, healing magic and so forth.

  • Spell-casting: Olivia is a very adept spell-caster, being strong enough to reverse the bounding spell of Heaven's gates. She could even fight demons using spells, effectively harming a demon with an attacking spell.
  • Mediumship: Olivia is able to hear the deceased in the afterlife, and communicate with them.

Weaknesses Edit

Mortality: Despite being a powerful psychic, Olivia is still mortal and she can die the same way a human could. This includes and is not limited to heart failure, cancer, suffocation, blood loss and so forth.

Sight: Olivia does make up for her sight with her powerful psionic abilities, but she is still blind and this on some occasions can limit her.