Paul Bennett (1945-1996) was a farmer of the Bennett Farm and the adoptive father of Tim Sullivan.

Life Edit

Paul was born to a family that has owned the Bennett Farm for generations. He grew up carrying the family name as a farmer and married a unknown woman who unfortunately died of cancer. In a way of grieving, Paul adopted a baby from a Orphanage who was named Tim by his biological mother. Paul raised Tim and loved him dearly as his son, and eventually he taught Tim how to be a farmer. For his 18th birthday, Paul put the Bennett Farm in Tim's name.

Death Edit

On the same day, Paul told Tim to meet him in the stables to help feed the horses, but just before Tim met him in the stables, Paul was killed by witches who were sent by Ambrosia Croft to capture Tim. After Tim was saved by his biological father Elijah, Elijah helped Tim bury Paul before they burned the farm down and fled before more witches arrived.