Phoenix is a spiritual firebird entity that serves the realm of Olympus.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Superhuman strength: Phoenix are a divine entity in the realm of Olympus, and thus have a remarkable level of physical strength. An example of their strength is lifting and launching fully grown mortals easily and overpowering them with no effort.

Pyrokinesis: Phoenix are an embodiment of fire, and therefore can manipulate fire to an incredible degree. They possess "divine" fire, which can burn anything it comes in contact with, incinerating objects or things into ashes. The Phoenix can control the divine fire, from heating something up to burning an object into ash.

  • Flight: While in it's true form, a Phoenix is able to hover, levitate and fly to unlimited heights and at great speed without any apparent injury.
  • Phoenix Form: A phoenix is able to reveal their true form, a enormous fiery bird-like spiritual entity. Revealing their true form activates their powers and abilities, allowing to battle opponents.

Invulnerability: A Phoenix is unsusceptible to physical damage and attacks, making them invulnerable. Gunshots, stab wounds, slashes, decapitation, explosions, toxins and so forth have no affect on them.

Immortality: A Phoenix possess a never ending lifespan for centuries, until their death, which they are instantly resurrected to live for another many centuries.

Healing: Phoenix can heal others of wounds, injuries and diseases.

Resurrection: Phoenix will automatically resurrect themselves following their death after living for centuries.

Supernatural perception: A Phoenix, can identify supernatural beings upon eye contact.