Stephen "Steve" John Armitage is a Nephilim, the Biological Son of the Fallen angel Ezekiel and the human Mary Sullivan, the older brother of Oliver Armitage, as well as the adoptive son of farmer Paul Armitage and wife Sandra.

Early Life Edit

Steve was born a Nephilim in 1996, due to being an offspring of a human called Mary Sullivan and the Angel Ezekiel. Ezekiel could not return to heaven due to breaking the law of mating with humans so he left Mary to go through labour by herself while he went on run from his angelic brethren. Angels found and killed Mary for her crime as well. Before her death, she gave the infant Steve to an orphanage, as within a week Steve was adopted by farmers Paul and Sandra Armitage. He grew up in a small town in Kansas, living a ordinary life on his adopted parents farm, hoping to one day own his parents farm and raise a family on the farm as well.  

Powers and Abilities Edit

Nephilim Abilities Edit

Superhuman strength: Due to being a Nephilim, Steve possesses inhuman strength, making him physically stronger than the average human. 

Superhuman stamina: Steve does not get hungry, tired and thirsty easily, due to not being completely human, furthermore he can withstand the need of food, water and sleep for a period of days. 

Healing factor: Steve is able to heal from injuries quicker than humans, but still feels the pain of the injury, unlike Angels. 

Supernatural detection: Steve can detect supernatural activity around him. As such, he could tell what species a person was just with a glance, such as instantly knowing that Ezekiel was a Angel of Heaven.

Nephilim blood: Steve's blood is powerful in it's own right, as provides healing properties to humans and is only ingredient that can unlock the gates of hell.

Weaknesses Edit

Heaven's Blade: Steve is vulnerable towards the weapons of heaven used by angels, especially Heaven's Blade, which can kill him, as showed when a Witch cut his throat with the blade and caused him to die almost straight away.

Magic: Magic can cause severe harm on Steve, depending on how potent the magic is.